Effective reporting

Don’t report using the personal email address of an officer known to you.

Why? The officer may be on holiday, leave, unavailable, left for another area.

Best Principle. Always obtain a reference number for all reports.

Quickest reporting method for non-urgent cases

Use the MET Contact Centre online direct reporting tool, which also allows you to upload pics. Once you are on their Twitter account, click on the envelope and message.

Emergencies are always 999

If you have more time available and like filling out forms you may do so using the Met Police website or call 101. 101 may have a long waiting time.

To contact your local SNT Team

  • Go to the Met Police website
  • Input your post code
  • Once on your SNT ward page has loaded
  • scroll down and press contact your local team
  • send message, you will receive a reference no.

Reporting methods are explained on our Report It page


See our support page for relevant Tower Hamlets information.

For keeping notes on recurring events/problems please see our ASB diary 14-day or short

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