Help improve fire safety in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Housing Forum and London Fire Brigade are working together to promote fire safety in our borough, and we want to involve residents in getting the message out. We are making a series of short films where you can discuss your fire safety concerns or issues that you’ve experienced with someone from London Fire Brigade. … Continue reading Help improve fire safety in Tower Hamlets

A lack of service

We have come across a number of issues, which show that neither police or MOPAC show the required duty of care to local residents. There are many complaints, expression of uncertainties, frustrations voiced on various social media platforms, which do not result in action by police or MOPAC. Just recently a user of NextDoor posted … Continue reading A lack of service

Neighbourhood Watch

is an important initiative, which enables Neigbhours to improve their feeling of owning their Neighbourhoods. Whilst making each other stronger through like-minded conversations, based around crime reduction and well-being, that feeling of always being victims of Anti-social behaviour or crime can be combatted by active neighbour collaborations. The Met Business Plan 2020-23 mentions some initiatives … Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch supporting the Ukrainian people

At Neighbourhood Watch we are deeply saddened by the plight the Ukrainian people find themselves in by being invaded by Russia. Since the escalation of fighting in Ukraine, Red Cross teams both inside Ukraine and in bordering countries have been supporting people wherever possible. To date, Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers have distributed 30,000 food and … Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch supporting the Ukrainian people

THINK – WIDEN – burglary prevention campaign

British households worry about burglary more than any other crime Two thirds (67%) of respondents to the Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey 2021 were concerned about becoming a victim of burglaryThere are evidence-based, simple and effective measures we can all take to reduce our chance of being burgled by up to 50%.Victims of burglary … Continue reading THINK – WIDEN – burglary prevention campaign

Thieves steal entry door scanners

This was a scanner Home owners beware, thieves remove, damage, steal your entry door scanners, leaving residents unable to scan in, disabling security. If your entry door scanner is easily removed, please change your system to a more secure one. We are offering membership deals to service providers, sign up here. Residents get terrified because … Continue reading Thieves steal entry door scanners


Join Neighbourhood Watch, register here Glac páirt ag Faire Comharsanachta, cláraigh anseo Ymunwch â Gwarchod y Gymdogaeth, cofrestrwch yma انضم إلى Neighborhood Watch ، سجل هنا নেবারহুড ওয়াচ-এ যোগ দিন, এখানে নিবন্ধন করুন 加入鄰里守望,在這裡註冊 Rejoignez la surveillance de quartier, inscrivez-vous ici Treten Sie Neighborhood Watch bei, registrieren Sie sich hier Unisciti a Neighborhood Watch, registrati … Continue reading Welcome

A reliable, secure community safety membership system

Please don't mistake Ourwatch with social media. Ourwatch is more than social media. It provides a reliable and secure home for your community to exchange, learn and use as valuable tool. Ourwatch is part of the Neighbourhood Alert provision, which is a proven, highly secure community messaging system. Looking at the history time-line, you can … Continue reading A reliable, secure community safety membership system