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County Lines workshop

County Lines workshop

This workshop described the astonishing facts and figures about this criminal network.

  • At least 3 Million people or 9% of the population used drugs last year
  • 45% of acquisitive crime is linked to drugs
  • Around 50% of all homicides in 2018/19 were known to be drug related
  • More than a 1/3 of people in prison are there because of drug related crime

Drug dealers use the county lines system, which in turn uses children and/or vulnerable adults to move and store drugs. Criminals will often use coercion, violence (including sexual violence) weapons.

Police found

  • 1105 drug dealing lines
  • 581 line names or ‘brands’ (gangs)
  • 7.6 % of lines linked to firearms
  • 6.3 % of lines linked to serious violence
  • 24 % of lines linked to cuckooing

The biggest drug exporters are

  1. Metropolitan Police area
  2. West Midlands Police area
  3. Greater Manchester Police area
  4. West Yorkshire

2529 individuals were linked to known deal lines of which

  • 81.8 % were male
  • 14.6 % female
  • 16.3 % below 18

Criminals use various methods to get hold of accommodation but if you find that you are suddenly having neighbours which

  • get a lot of cars, bikes, coming and going
  • short-term visitors at all times
  • noise and ASB
  • curtains always drawn
  • many young people without parents

You should report this to your local police. You may use the Twitter account @MetCC, which also accepts pictures or use our own anonymous reporting tool, which also accepts pictures.

Our best advice is to stop using drugs at the earliest opportunity.


Whether you attended the webinar or couldn’t make it, the slides have been made available to you here, and the recording can be watched here.

If you have watched the webinar please complete a survey about it here

Say No to ASB

Say No to ASB

Free Webinar “Say no to ASB” on 15. November 2021, click through to our event calendar.

Don’t forgot to register with Ourwatch Neighbourhood Watch membership.

Please click through to read further details about our aim to tackle ASB in all areas of Britain, which saw an increase with the relaxing of Covid restrictions.

We have a new, comprehensive ASB diary for download, which lasts for 14 days. It contains comprehensive examples and instructions for you to follow.

Visit the Tower Hamlets specific web pages of the local Association here.

£1.20 per week for ASB patrols

£1.20 per week for ASB patrols

We fully support the extra charge of £1.20 per week of service charges for ASB patrols. The patrols are exactly what’s needed in known ASB hotspots. Report ASB to the council here.

Don’t become complacent Neighbourhood Watchers your reporting is vital for the safety and security of us all.

Use our reporting sheet for recurring events you are worried about.

There are few ASB hotspots but there are many other areas where the alertness of our volunteers helps to keep us safe.