Parkview Neighbourhood Watch

The Glasshouse Community Centre

See the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch website

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch is on a housing estate, which contains a school and a church

We have generated projects like

  • The playground behind Mark House
  • speed barriers to stop cyclists racing through the estate
  • parking around the estate
  • anti-social behaviour
  • responsible landscaping of the estate
  • seats on Safer Neighbourhood Panel
  • CCTV petition
  • Queen Jubilee Big Lunch
  • subsidence dangers from trees

Our aim is

  • To know our Neighbours
  • Be Neighbourly
  • Be active in our Community.
Secure cycle storage
Cycle storage

More cycle storage is being provided to enable residents to keep their cycles in lockable containers. Contact the TRA

the community
Neighbourhood Watch

A watch group exists since 2007 on the estate. We are organised via Ourwatch and you are welcome to join our group here.

community info
Community info

We have access to six community notice boards around the estate to announce events and post crime prevention material

We work together with the Ward Panel of the Met Police, which meets every three months

The Bethnal Green Ward