Get involved

Get involved

  1. You must be registered with OWL and or Ourwatch, preferably both platforms.
  2. Register with Ourwatch (this gives you unverified Ourwatch membership) press sign-up page
    • Choose a watch scheme to join (options will come up after you signed up)
      • or create your own scheme
        • then ask for permission to run the scheme
  3. If you are registered with OWL only
  4. You need to verify your details with us, the borough association and become a member
  5. If you are verified, you can become a member of the Association and/or a coordinator.
  6. We’d also want to give you an induction, book here.
  7. Once you are verified you are entitled to free Public Liability insurance provided by us.
  8. You can choose what you want to get involved in, e.g. whether you wish to help out with
    1. Street based watch
    2. run a ward watch
    3. Become a trustee
      1. an officer or committee member.
    4. Sign up for quality courses from Ourwatch, Tower Hamlets Council, NHS, other providers.

We give people a lot of choices.

If you register. you get

  • Excellent crime prevention messages

Once you are verified and are an approved co-ordinator, you can then

  • Join THNWA specific Apps
  • Join the Knowledge Hub
  • Represent us on various social media sites.
  • With approval use our logo on your own social media groups and website.
  • We will recommend you to your local SNT Ward Panel for membership.
  • We welcome all existing ward panel members and chairs to join us too.

Police here in Tower Hamlets use OWL as a mailing list but mapped watch groups are formed on Ourwatch. The Membership administrator on Ourwatch is a police approved volunteer with a valid Data Controller license.

If you read the latest Ward Panel Handbook from the Police you see we are a partner of the Police and we are also part of the Tower Hamlets Partnership.

contact us for queries or make an appointment.

Community Safety Charter

Sign the charter here. Its for organisations and individuals and does not depend on Ourwatch membership.