Teviot Action group

Teviot Action group

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Our History

 The Teviot Action Group is a charitable voluntary organisation established in 1998 to offer the community ways of moving forward and changing the quality of life, reducing poverty, decreasing crime, racial tension and regenerating the Teviot Estate.

     The organisation is one of it’s kind, offering to build trust and confidence in the community with over 100 volunteers and staff. The Teviot Action Group did some research at grass root level looking into the individual’s needs and profile basic skills were one of the highest priorities along with stress, debt and poverty all as important as one another. See the full story here

The Teviot Action Group centre

Founded in 1998 the Teviot Action Group started as it meant to go on continue, by tackling head on the sense of isolation from the mainstream East London life. Shops, Clinics, Hospitals, Train Station, Entertainment and Leisure are all too far and what was needed on the Teviot Estate was a new bus route. To everyone’s delight that was exactly what the group delivered as it’s first success.