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Texan synagogue attack

Sent on behalf of Jane Corrigan, Detective Superintendent, London Prevent Coordinator, Counter Terrorism Policing – SO15.

Good morning,

You may be aware of the events at a Synagogue in Texas this weekend. We can let you know that the suspect is now confirmed as dead. The Foreign Office has confirmed that they are aware of the death of a British man in Texas and are in contact with authorities there. The incident is still under investigation and officers from Counter Terrorism Policing are also liaising with US authorities and colleagues from the FBI regarding the incident.

This type of incident can have a profound effect on all communities and, in this instance, we are particularly aware of the effect on British Jewish communities. We know that many of you will be playing an important role in your own areas to provide support and reassurance to those affected, and to help bring communities together.

As always, it is important to remain vigilant and we understand people will be concerned.

The Community Security Trust provides security advice and training for Jewish communal organisations, schools and synagogues.

Please report any hate crime incidents to the police – via 999 in an emergency or 101 for a non-emergency.  You can also report online through the police hate crime reporting site True Vision (, or via a third party reporting centre such as Stop Hate UK, the CST or Tell Mama.

Security at places of worship – The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) has guidance with protective security advice covering a range of places including places of worship as a specific sector. It can be found here:

For anything immediately concerning contact 101, or in an emergency situation always call 999.

Emotional and practical support for anyone affected by this incident can be found at

Our Strategic Engagement Team will be monitoring tensions over the coming days, if you do have any increase in concerns, feel free to feed it into your local policing team so we can capture it in our pan London and national overview.

I’d be grateful if you could share this message with your networks and of course visit – www.ActEarly.UK or contact the advice line on 0800 011 3764 if you are concern about someone who is vulnerable to being radicalised.

Added by THNWA

Locals to Tower Hamlets are welcome to use our anonymous reporting tool if they know about planned attacks but don’t want to make themselves known as informants.

Please join Neighbourhood Watch, we work closely with authorities to prevent Hatecrime and Terrorism and make access to the ACT App to our members.

2021, highest rate of teenage homicide in London

We strongly urge all who work, live or talk with/to young people to remind them of the dangers of getting involved with anything illegal these days.

Most criminals aim to establish gangs, based on teenage and vulnerable persons’ who are used as mules and slave labour.

See BBC article on the 30th teenage killing in London this year.

Gangs can be seen as replacement family by youngsters to begin with. But, the pressures for ‘wrongdoing’ according to the gang code leads to corporal punishment and can result in death for the ‘wrongdoer’.

We know that parents are often unaware of their children’s involvement, but even if your child maintains, that they are not involved in gangs, persist on telling them of the dangers.

Do your children go out without going to a properly supervised activity, do they meet friends in the street? Are they evasive and don’t want to talk about things? Do you know of young people who tend to travel away from home for no apparent reason? Tell the police about this. Tell us about this, using our anonymous facility if you do not want to get involved.

We strongly advise that you check your children’s school bag for sharp objects or tablets. Children can be told by others in school that they need a knife to protect themselves.

For all who make their own decisions, please do not take out any knives with you when you are out. The person wanting to harm you, will do so, regardless.

Your best insurance against harm is not to get involved with anything that is not lawful. Gangs often get people involved and once you are involved, you are punished under the gang code.

So not getting involved is your best insurance to not suffer harm.

Finally, if you use illegal drugs, bought from dealers, you are contributing to the gang culture. The gang culture exists because the gang leaders can profit from the illegal trade.

Don't use drugs, join Neighbourhood Watch
Join Neighbourhood Watch
The terrible facts of violence in TH

The terrible facts of violence in TH

These statistics show the terrifying rise of violence in Tower Hamlets since Nov 2019. It does not include the latest events over the holiday period as listed in the previous post.

Seeing the problem is the first step of tying to resolve it.

We’ve only just established as an organisation but feel that it is very necessary to have a working group to sift through the problems and potential solutions a community organisation like Neighbourhood Watch can bring onto the table.

Often events get buried in statistics, which hardly anybody ever looks at. Young people and all in general do not get made aware enough of how terrible a result violence has on human society. How getting involved in crimes, which use weapons and knives, has a downturn effect on their lives.

This is just knife crime

We have many good organisations, which provide help and assistance for those who seek it. However, what is concerning are the people who do not seek help out of the wheel of crime and violence and simply use violence against other people without trying a more civilised approach.

We think that more Neighbourhood Watch groups could help. Tower Hamlets does not have a lot. The Council concentrates on involving people in art, community groups around gardening and other leisure activities but not Neighbourhood Watch.

Please register with us, which would be a great start and help organise people who are interested into local groups. Then contact us and tell us what your main interests are.

Help your neighbours, sad events over the festive period

  • 29. December 21.
    • CAD 4908/29DEC21 – Stabbing
    • 20:53, police and ambulance were called to male found stabbed in Chapman street, family of victim informed. Injured male in hospital receiving treatment. The area is cordoned off, but no S60 issued, is isolated incident. Area under constant review.
  • 28. December 21CAD/4305/28DEC21 – Stabbing
    • One male located near Burger King close to Commercial Street and the second male treated in an ambulance, parked outside the East London Mosque. Males taken to separate London hospitals. Altab Ali Park was sealed off. A section 60 CJPOA was not deemed necessary. Both men treated in hospital with non life threatening injuries.
  • 28. December 21.CAD 2203/28DEC21 – Murder
    • William Whiffin Square, London E3. Police were called at 11:01; officers and ambulance [LAS] attended. A 28-year old male with knife injuries was treated at the scene but was pronounced dead at 11:48hrs. Met’s specialist crime Command and Central East Command are investigating. A 31-year old woman has been arrested on suspicion of murder.
  • 25. December 21.
    • CAD 1957/25DEC21
    • Sadly a male, admitted to the Royal London Hospital died from an noxious substance. A male was arrested on suspicion of administering that noxious substance. Treated as isolated incidence

Do you have concerns about these events? We strongly recommend joining Neighbourhood Watch groups to share your concerns and

if you have information but do not want to get involved,

  • we gladly take anonymous reports with pictures over our reporting page.
  • Otherwise please call 101 or
  • use the Met reporting service online or
  • on Twitter to pass on your reports.

Nida House could have been prevented

Nida House could have been prevented

The death of an 11 year old girl could have been prevented with an active Neighbourhood Watch group in the building. We do not have any members signed up for Nida House.

Neighbourhood Watch groups meet with safety and community well-being in mind. They would talk about things that happen in their lives, community, dwellings and the storage of chemicals in a flat, could have emerged as a red-flag event, that a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator would have reported to the landlord and/or authorities.

That chemicals were stored in a flat would have concerned a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

Date & Time: 12/12/2021 00:27
CAD Number: 4966/11DEC21

Incident Type: Suspicious Death
Location: Nida House, Sutton Street, E1

Police are still looking to hear from people who have information about this, on the CAD number 4966/11DEC21. Ring 101 or report online to Met Police using, their website or twitter feed. You can also contact us anonymously about this.

We are desperately trying to convince local landlords to sign up with us to establish more Neighbourhood Watch groups in the area.

Unfortunately so far, Tower Hamlets Council mainly supports Residents groups, which are formed around social interaction like gardening, art and culture. The council does not promoted Neighbourhood Watch enough.

It is completely free of charge to register and build local Neighbourhood Watch groups but people usually only take this initiative if they are prompted by local leaders.

Registration with Ourwatch will regularly provide you with community safety alerts, crime prevention material and tools to build and maintain your Neighbourhood Watch group.

The BBC report about the event says: “Next to the rattling rails of the DLR tracks, one local resident told me of the “calm community” and his surprise at seeing lots of emergency vehicles arriving on Saturday.

The block of flats affected is private rented accommodation and nearby council properties are unaffected.”

We encourage all, who live and work in Tower Hamlets to sign up with us. Where there are housing providers who do not have yet Neighbourhood Watch groups established, we provide a service for them.

Hydra teaching at Met’s Hendon Academy

The famous Hendon Police Academy in Hendon, hosted a Hydra session for IAG members. The tech-driven teaching strategy provides a events simulator, which involves various agencies for problem solving. These tech suites are used to train police officers.

I met members of the Hackney IAG last Sunday.

Johanna Secretary/MSA of the borough association with Chief Inspector Scammell

IAG members can also be Neighbourhood Watch members. IAG consult on specific aspects of communal issues.

At this moment in time I am having problems location any details about the Tower Hamlets Independent Advisory Groups. I could find a query on the MOPAC website from 2006.

IAG groups give special advise on

  • Race
  • LGBT
  • Gypsy and Traveller
  • Youth
  • Disability
  • Trident
  • Gun crime in the Black Community
  • Sapphire (rape and sexual offending)
  • Safeguarding of children
  • Operation Blunt (knife crime)

I am awaiting actual details and shall up-date ASAP

Pledge to stop County Lines

Pledge to stop County Lines

As widely published today in the British media, Boris Johnson, has pledged to stop to break up 2,000 “county lines” drugs gangs in a £300 million drive to rid the country’s streets of illegal narcotics.

Among the measures in the strategy is an expansion of drug testing on arrest, with police encouraged to direct individuals who test positive towards treatment or other relevant interventions. See ITV report.

We started our ‘Stop taking drugs, stop supporting the drug dealers’ campaign three months ago. Definitely drugs trade will exist as long as it is profitable for drug dealers to make money from it.

Unfortunately drug users support this terrible trade by supporting exploitation of children for County Lines, which is a very violent gang driven crime syndicate. 90% of prison inmates are convicted in drug related crimes.

It is more than welcome that plans are made to also simultaneously interrupt social drugs use, which seems harmless and fun but fundamentally supports the drug gangs.

The promised £300 Million investment, to help addicts recover reports Sky News. The prime minister said: “Drugs are a scourge on our society, fuelling violence on our streets which communities across the country are forced to endure.”

The Independent reports that Drug users could loose passports. The Guardian also says driving licenses could also be lost if drug use continues.

Apparently testing has found drug deposits in the House of Commons and police may use sniffer dogs to search the meeting places for our MPs.

The previously published 10 year strategy under Tony Blair, see here, was not as effective or radical as the new one published by the Boris Johnson government.

BBC article promises there will be nowhere to hide.

Operation Sceptre

Operation Sceptre

Tower Hamlets Police have sent us an up-date on the result of operation sceptre, an initiative designed to ramp up activity to suppress knife crime and wider violence

Met Communication

A vast range of activity was carried out by officers across the Met, including targeted patrols in violence hotspots; warrants to target high harm offenders; and weapons sweeps in areas known for stashed weapons.
Officers also worked closely with British Transport Police during knife arch deployments at transport hubs, aimed at deterring people from carrying weapons and drugs on the train and tube network. Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology was also used by Met and City of London officers, targeting those carrying and supplying drugs on the roads in and out of London.
Crucially, there was also a focus on education, diversion and prevention, with officers engaging with 10,563 young people; community members and business owners.
While conducting community weapons sweeps, local officers worked side-by-side with community members, listening to their concerns and searching for hidden or discarded weapons. Officers, Met Special Constables and Volunteer Police Cadets also carried out 290 retailer visits to educate businesses and ensure they were not – and do not in the future – selling knives irresponsibly.
In total, the operation, which ran from Monday, 15 November to Sunday, 21 November 2021, resulted in (Met-Wide):
• 290 knives recovered;
• 937 arrests;
• 82 warrants executed;
• 186 community meetings and educational events, engaging with 1,206 individuals;
• 264 school presentations and engagements, involving 8,063 young people;
• 2,745 weapon sweeps.

We wanted to let you know our local results for this week of intensification, for Tower Hamlets and Hackney,
which are as follows:
137 weapon sweeps.
13 knives found.
51 arrests with 11 for weapon offences.
18 test purchases

We visited all of our Habitual Knife Carriers who were engaged with by our integrated gangs unit or Violence Suppression Unit.

Over 1200 children engaged with through schools presentations or the Junior Citizenship Programme.
Our local plan was led by our Violence Suppression Unit and supported by partners at both Tower Hamlets and Hackney local authorities. We send our gratitude to all of our partners who supported the initiatives across the week.

We all have a part to play in tackling violent crime, and we encourage you to share the following information amongst your organisation/teams:
Taking a stand can be as simple as giving information about crime or those who carry a weapon. Any information you give to Crimestoppers can make a difference in reducing knife crime and the harm it causes to families. Crimestoppers never ask your name and they cannot trace your call, your IP address or the device you use. Fill in their quick online form or call 0800 555 111. It could save a life

Please also note you are welcome to report anonymously to the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association directly using our online form.

All faiths welcome

Also people who do not have a faith are welcome.

The Tower Hamlets Interface Forum brought people from different religions and communities together with speakers from various organisations.

It’s really important that all stand together and repel attempts to attack communities or groups of another faith. Nothing should stop anybody to report suspicious behaviour to the police.

Our stall at the #Interfaithweek

Bridge over Troubled Water

event was well stocked with information about worldly danger and solutions.

One attendee loved this ‘Power of Hello’ poster because they recognised their language.
County Lines workshop

County Lines workshop

This workshop described the astonishing facts and figures about this criminal network.

  • At least 3 Million people or 9% of the population used drugs last year
  • 45% of acquisitive crime is linked to drugs
  • Around 50% of all homicides in 2018/19 were known to be drug related
  • More than a 1/3 of people in prison are there because of drug related crime

Drug dealers use the county lines system, which in turn uses children and/or vulnerable adults to move and store drugs. Criminals will often use coercion, violence (including sexual violence) weapons.

Police found

  • 1105 drug dealing lines
  • 581 line names or ‘brands’ (gangs)
  • 7.6 % of lines linked to firearms
  • 6.3 % of lines linked to serious violence
  • 24 % of lines linked to cuckooing

The biggest drug exporters are

  1. Metropolitan Police area
  2. West Midlands Police area
  3. Greater Manchester Police area
  4. West Yorkshire

2529 individuals were linked to known deal lines of which

  • 81.8 % were male
  • 14.6 % female
  • 16.3 % below 18

Criminals use various methods to get hold of accommodation but if you find that you are suddenly having neighbours which

  • get a lot of cars, bikes, coming and going
  • short-term visitors at all times
  • noise and ASB
  • curtains always drawn
  • many young people without parents

You should report this to your local police. You may use the Twitter account @MetCC, which also accepts pictures or use our own anonymous reporting tool, which also accepts pictures.

Our best advice is to stop using drugs at the earliest opportunity.


Whether you attended the webinar or couldn’t make it, the slides have been made available to you here, and the recording can be watched here.

If you have watched the webinar please complete a survey about it here