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Help improve fire safety in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Housing Forum and London Fire Brigade are working together to promote fire safety in our borough, and we want to involve residents in getting the message out. We are making a series of short films where you can discuss your fire safety concerns or issues that you’ve experienced with someone from London Fire Brigade. … Continue reading Help improve fire safety in Tower Hamlets

Neighbourhood Watch

is an important initiative, which enables Neigbhours to improve their feeling of owning their Neighbourhoods. Whilst making each other stronger through like-minded conversations, based around crime reduction and well-being, that feeling of always being victims of Anti-social behaviour or crime can be combatted by active neighbour collaborations. The Met Business Plan 2020-23 mentions some initiatives … Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch

THINK – WIDEN – burglary prevention campaign

British households worry about burglary more than any other crime Two thirds (67%) of respondents to the Neighbourhood Watch Crime and Community Survey 2021 were concerned about becoming a victim of burglaryThere are evidence-based, simple and effective measures we can all take to reduce our chance of being burgled by up to 50%.Victims of burglary … Continue reading THINK – WIDEN – burglary prevention campaign

Thieves steal entry door scanners

This was a scanner Home owners beware, thieves remove, damage, steal your entry door scanners, leaving residents unable to scan in, disabling security. If your entry door scanner is easily removed, please change your system to a more secure one. We are offering membership deals to service providers, sign up here. Residents get terrified because … Continue reading Thieves steal entry door scanners

News from the Home Office

My enquiry to the Home Office about the Neighbourhood Watch efficiently working with all crime reduction partners in Tower Hamlets has now been answered. We have been given the heads up, the matter was referred to the Crime Strategy and Performance Unit. Whilst we heard at the same date that major drug busts in Britain … Continue reading News from the Home Office

All faiths welcome

Also people who do not have a faith are welcome. The Tower Hamlets Interface Forum brought people from different religions and communities together with speakers from various organisations. It's really important that all stand together and repel attempts to attack communities or groups of another faith. Nothing should stop anybody to report suspicious behaviour to … Continue reading All faiths welcome