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Nida House could have been prevented

Nida House could have been prevented

The death of an 11 year old girl could have been prevented with an active Neighbourhood Watch group in the building. We do not have any members signed up for Nida House.

Neighbourhood Watch groups meet with safety and community well-being in mind. They would talk about things that happen in their lives, community, dwellings and the storage of chemicals in a flat, could have emerged as a red-flag event, that a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator would have reported to the landlord and/or authorities.

That chemicals were stored in a flat would have concerned a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

Date & Time: 12/12/2021 00:27
CAD Number: 4966/11DEC21

Incident Type: Suspicious Death
Location: Nida House, Sutton Street, E1

Police are still looking to hear from people who have information about this, on the CAD number 4966/11DEC21. Ring 101 or report online to Met Police using, their website or twitter feed. You can also contact us anonymously about this.

We are desperately trying to convince local landlords to sign up with us to establish more Neighbourhood Watch groups in the area.

Unfortunately so far, Tower Hamlets Council mainly supports Residents groups, which are formed around social interaction like gardening, art and culture. The council does not promoted Neighbourhood Watch enough.

It is completely free of charge to register and build local Neighbourhood Watch groups but people usually only take this initiative if they are prompted by local leaders.

Registration with Ourwatch will regularly provide you with community safety alerts, crime prevention material and tools to build and maintain your Neighbourhood Watch group.

The BBC report about the event says: “Next to the rattling rails of the DLR tracks, one local resident told me of the “calm community” and his surprise at seeing lots of emergency vehicles arriving on Saturday.

The block of flats affected is private rented accommodation and nearby council properties are unaffected.”

We encourage all, who live and work in Tower Hamlets to sign up with us. Where there are housing providers who do not have yet Neighbourhood Watch groups established, we provide a service for them.