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The terrible facts of violence in TH

The terrible facts of violence in TH

These statistics show the terrifying rise of violence in Tower Hamlets since Nov 2019. It does not include the latest events over the holiday period as listed in the previous post.

Seeing the problem is the first step of tying to resolve it.

We’ve only just established as an organisation but feel that it is very necessary to have a working group to sift through the problems and potential solutions a community organisation like Neighbourhood Watch can bring onto the table.

Often events get buried in statistics, which hardly anybody ever looks at. Young people and all in general do not get made aware enough of how terrible a result violence has on human society. How getting involved in crimes, which use weapons and knives, has a downturn effect on their lives.

This is just knife crime

We have many good organisations, which provide help and assistance for those who seek it. However, what is concerning are the people who do not seek help out of the wheel of crime and violence and simply use violence against other people without trying a more civilised approach.

We think that more Neighbourhood Watch groups could help. Tower Hamlets does not have a lot. The Council concentrates on involving people in art, community groups around gardening and other leisure activities but not Neighbourhood Watch.

Please register with us, which would be a great start and help organise people who are interested into local groups. Then contact us and tell us what your main interests are.