Teviot Summer Festival

A well-organised community festival, which enabled me to open a stall to advertise for Neighbourhood Watch. We already have a Neighbourhood Watch group on the estate and people came to enquire about scams and how to improve their own situation in the place they live.

Crissy Townsend is an outstanding community activist who founded the Teviot Community Action Group
This is I, the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch membership administrator. I also helped visitors from other areas of England with signing up for Neighbourhood Watch, as you can sign up from anywhere in Britain and act within your local community as volunteer.
I was very pleased that Unmesh Desai, from the London Assembly and Councillor Kahar Chowdhury, chair of the Labour group Strategic Development Committee and Cabinet member for Highways and Public Realm posed for pictures and Unmesh also follows us now on Twitter.

A lot of people enquired about signing up for Neighbourhood Watch and I gave out window stickers to help protect people’s dwellings.

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