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Community Safety Drop ins

In partnership with

We are pleased to announced monthly drop in sessions in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which residents from all 20 wards and SNT areas are welcome to attend.

Speak about how

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of query.

See our meeting page or event calendar for details of meetings.

Promotional material to support local watch groups

Promotional material to support local watch groups

We have campaign materials available for your local watch. Link to order form at the bottom of page

order stickers using the form . You must be approved/verified to get stickers.

1. Window/Door stickers
The Neighbourhood Watch stickers have Cyberhood Watch on the back but the back can also be used on doors or other surfaces instead but they are not water proof and can be peeled off.

2. Promo cards

A6 format glossy cards with essential information to hand out anywhere.

3. Recruitment leaflets

give to neighbours encouraging them to join your watch group

4. Community Safety Charter. Use this on social media to promote our aims.


5. Home Security

Windows locked
Interior lights on a timer
Doors double or deadlocked
Exterior lights on a sensor
Neighbours keep an eye out


Please note,

6. Table top upright banner. Comes with a metal base and packs away neatly when not in use. You can impress people at meetings with this neat banner, which we will adjust and have your watch name inserted.

  • 1. Stickers
    • See above, please advise how many you need.
  • 2. Promo Cards A6
    • Give those cards to anyone you want to remember where to register for Neighbourhood Watch
  • 3. Recruitment leaflets A5
    • drop them through neighbours letter boxes to make them aware that a Neighbourhood Watch exists in your area and invite them to join online
  • 4. Community Safety Charter
    • our pledge of support
  • 5. Home Security leaflets
    • A reminder to keep the home safe whether we are in or out
  • 6. Upright banners A3
    • These table top banners can be stood onto a table during Neighbourhood Watch meetings or meetings of a Residents Association to show Neighbourhood Watch support.

Order here

order form please click through

New ASB strategy

New ASB strategy

Tower Hamlets Council, has made changes to Safer Neighbourhood Operations (SNO) team. Click through to our page about ASB prevention to see full details with tips how to report and deal with the issue, if it affects you and/or your neighbours.

The borough has been divided into four main areas

  1. Yellow area
    • Bethnal Green East
    • Bethnal Green West
    • Weavers
    • Spitalfields and Banglatown
  2. Red area
    • Whitechapel
    • Stepney Green
    • St. Katherine’s & Wapping
    • Shadwell
  3. Pink area
    • Bow West
    • Bow East
    • Bromley North
    • Bromley South
    • St. Dunstans
    • Mile End
  4. Blue area
    • Limehouse
    • Lansbury
    • Poplar
    • Canary Wharf
    • Blackwell & Cubitt Town
    • Island Gardens

All four areas have dedicated Tower Hamlets ASB officers. Your Met Police SNT Ward areas stay the same. See details here.

The borough council services will include

  • Community Engagement Bus, as base for patrolling officers from both council and police officers.
  • CCTV Van
  • Six mobile CCTV cameras, which can change location and be fixed to various areas of concern
  • Five knife bins
  • Three Neighbourhood Enforcement & Treatment (NET) officers
  • Additional Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs) – focussing on youth and women’s safety
  • Hostel Relations Manager – for a link between Brick Lane and wider partnership, also to effectively manage complex dug users
  • Women’s safety walks. You may also ask for Walks & Talks with police officers and use the Streetsafe facility on the Met Police website.

Using domestic recording devices

It would help our communities a lot if our registered members and others could provide evidence of incidences captured on domestic recording devices.

There are many areas in Tower Hamlets, which are not covered by Council CCTV and are abused by criminals.

Many domestic recording devices can help provide footage of incidences of

  • criminal damage
  • theft
  • drug dealing
  • other crime
  • ASB

this list is endless.

It can make the clear up rate of police investigations quicker if you supply any footage you have recorded may that me on

  • ring-door bells with camera
  • dash cam footage
  • other private security with camera installed in any property.

As long as you do not share footage with others but only with police or report to us anonymously, it is legal to share this footage, pictures.

We would like to compile a register of privately held recording devices in properties around Tower Hamlets to be able to help police solve crime in areas, which have no regular CCTV installed. We do understand that most commercial properties’ CCTV is already registered with police.

If you recognised crime on your device but do not want to supply to police directly you are welcome to upload to our anonymous reporting page, which also allows you to give your contact details if you wish, so that police can get in touch with you, otherwise it’s completely anonymous, we do not even check for your IP.

Teviot Summer Festival

A well-organised community festival, which enabled me to open a stall to advertise for Neighbourhood Watch. We already have a Neighbourhood Watch group on the estate and people came to enquire about scams and how to improve their own situation in the place they live.

Crissy Townsend is an outstanding community activist who founded the Teviot Community Action Group
This is I, the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch membership administrator. I also helped visitors from other areas of England with signing up for Neighbourhood Watch, as you can sign up from anywhere in Britain and act within your local community as volunteer.
I was very pleased that Unmesh Desai, from the London Assembly and Councillor Kahar Chowdhury, chair of the Labour group Strategic Development Committee and Cabinet member for Highways and Public Realm posed for pictures and Unmesh also follows us now on Twitter.

A lot of people enquired about signing up for Neighbourhood Watch and I gave out window stickers to help protect people’s dwellings.

ASB Awareness week

19 – 25 July 2021, making Tower Hamlets a safe place for all our residents.

Briefing at Isle of Dogs Police station with Councillor Sirajul Islam

All week police teams, THEOs go through different areas, searching for hidden weapons and drugs and talking to residents, business owners asking how the area can be made safer. We are trying to recruit Neighbouhood Watch members. A list of events is on our calendar.