Promotional material to support local watch groups

Promotional material to support local watch groups

We have campaign materials available for your local watch. Link to order form at the bottom of page

order stickers using the form . You must be approved/verified to get stickers.

1. Window/Door stickers
The Neighbourhood Watch stickers have Cyberhood Watch on the back but the back can also be used on doors or other surfaces instead but they are not water proof and can be peeled off.

2. Promo cards

A6 format glossy cards with essential information to hand out anywhere.

3. Recruitment leaflets

give to neighbours encouraging them to join your watch group

4. Community Safety Charter. Use this on social media to promote our aims.


5. Home Security

Windows locked
Interior lights on a timer
Doors double or deadlocked
Exterior lights on a sensor
Neighbours keep an eye out


Please note,

6. Table top upright banner. Comes with a metal base and packs away neatly when not in use. You can impress people at meetings with this neat banner, which we will adjust and have your watch name inserted.

  • 1. Stickers
    • See above, please advise how many you need.
  • 2. Promo Cards A6
    • Give those cards to anyone you want to remember where to register for Neighbourhood Watch
  • 3. Recruitment leaflets A5
    • drop them through neighbours letter boxes to make them aware that a Neighbourhood Watch exists in your area and invite them to join online
  • 4. Community Safety Charter
    • our pledge of support
  • 5. Home Security leaflets
    • A reminder to keep the home safe whether we are in or out
  • 6. Upright banners A3
    • These table top banners can be stood onto a table during Neighbourhood Watch meetings or meetings of a Residents Association to show Neighbourhood Watch support.

Order here

order form please click through

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