Think crime prevention

Think crime prevention

Once you are registered with Ourwatch you have the choice of various service providers. These include:

Action Fraud (NFIB) (Recommended)
Fire & Rescue Service
Get Safe Online
Local Authority
Neighbourhood Watch (Recommended)
Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner
The Police (Recommended)
Trading Standards

Repelling crime through positive community action like communicating with your neighbours helps your local community develop.

The Neighbourhood Watch platform gives you essential tools to make your community saver. See the example of how a local community helps to banish crime from their area in issue two of Scam Interceptors on BBC, they show a sample Neighbourhood Watch and recommend that people join us. Yippee

In many areas, its a small number of people who commit most of the crime especially burglary (home) (car crime) . If criminals feel they can harvest your neighbourhood for goods or use it as base for County lines drug trafficking or other crimes, then they will do so.

Issues vary from area to area, hence we cannot give blanket solutions. You will need to get together with your neighbours and talk about what’s going on in your area. Draw up a risk assessment and a solutions flow chart

Ourwatch gives you the opportunity and tools to do this safely. Neighbourhood Watch helps you to be as inclusive as possible and give community members a platform to participate in many activities, hence preventing social isolation, which can be a driver for leaning towards crime and/or exacerbate mental health problems. Fraud prevention encourages more people to be less vulnerable and tell scammers to go away.

See a range of activities you can do with locals for very little cost. Neighbourhood Watch has proven beneficial to neighbourhoods for 40 years now.

Celebrating the Diamond Queen’s Jubilee during Neighbourhood Watch week, is taking positive action. We support one local Neighbourhood Watch group please see their website for details of the event.

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