Community meeting

Community meeting

With Commander Marcus Barnett and Chief Inspector Christopher Scammell, was held simultaneously at Whitechapel Library and Microsoft Teams.

Commander Barnett and Chief Inspector Scammell

We heard that people sometimes think their crime reports do not get actioned.

Another questioned asked whether Crimestoppers reports get priority. This was answered with: “

” In regards to reports Crimestoppers; All information we receive is risk assessed and graded so we can provide a suitable response. All sources are treated equally.”

Hence anonymous reports received via our local reporting page, get fed into the system alongside all other reports.

The Ward panels were mentioned as important community tool when ascertaining 2 out of 3 police priorities. It cannot be said often enough that systematic engagement with Neighbourhood Watch groups, enables strong continued and consistent community relationships with the police and other partners, who work together with the Tower Hamlets Partnership.

Violence against Women and Girls has four sections:

  1. Protecting women and girls in public spaces
  2. working with our partners and with women to improve prevention
  3. Bringing offenders to justice
  4. Improving Met culture and professional standards

Commander Barnett apologised profusely for the conduct of a former police officer who was sentenced for the brutal murder of a woman. By enlarge, he said the police is a superb organisation, which can be relied upon. Whilst Commander Barnett assured us that a culture change in the police is necessary, we saw a whole male line-up, the Neighbourhood Watch representative, which was female, was not allowed to speak.

Community Partnership policing

  • Antisocial behaviour / problem solving
  • Night time economy action plans
  • Bike thefts
  • School & youth engagement team
  • local enforcement teams
  • housing
  • environment
  • DWO’s and Ward Panels
  • Independent Advisory groups
  • Accessibility to police

The closure of the Isle of Dogs police station was remarked upon by a member of the public. It is presumed that many older people do not have access or knowledge of new technology to report crime online. However, we do not feel that it is a viable alternative for older people to visit a police station in person to report crime.

The Police do not agree that LTN schemes stop them from attending duty.

We feel that local Neighbourhood Watch groups can provide the necessary support to support locals who need it about reporting and working together with police.

Neighbourhood Watch embraces all new technologies and face to face methods. Neighbourhood Watch groups also enable local people to meet on demand and more often than the ward panels who often only meet every 3-4 months. Peer to peer meetings with neighbours are important.

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