2021, highest rate of teenage homicide in London

We strongly urge all who work, live or talk with/to young people to remind them of the dangers of getting involved with anything illegal these days.

Most criminals aim to establish gangs, based on teenage and vulnerable persons’ who are used as mules and slave labour.

See BBC article on the 30th teenage killing in London this year.

Gangs can be seen as replacement family by youngsters to begin with. But, the pressures for ‘wrongdoing’ according to the gang code leads to corporal punishment and can result in death for the ‘wrongdoer’.

We know that parents are often unaware of their children’s involvement, but even if your child maintains, that they are not involved in gangs, persist on telling them of the dangers.

Do your children go out without going to a properly supervised activity, do they meet friends in the street? Are they evasive and don’t want to talk about things? Do you know of young people who tend to travel away from home for no apparent reason? Tell the police about this. Tell us about this, using our anonymous facility if you do not want to get involved.

We strongly advise that you check your children’s school bag for sharp objects or tablets. Children can be told by others in school that they need a knife to protect themselves.

For all who make their own decisions, please do not take out any knives with you when you are out. The person wanting to harm you, will do so, regardless.

Your best insurance against harm is not to get involved with anything that is not lawful. Gangs often get people involved and once you are involved, you are punished under the gang code.

So not getting involved is your best insurance to not suffer harm.

Finally, if you use illegal drugs, bought from dealers, you are contributing to the gang culture. The gang culture exists because the gang leaders can profit from the illegal trade.

Don't use drugs, join Neighbourhood Watch
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