Area name chances affects OWL users

Whilst Tower Hamlets Council has changed the following area names

former St. Petersformer Bethnal Green
now Bethnal Green Westnow Bethnal Green East

Metropolitan Police Services, including OWL do not yet reflect that change. Area information on OWL is unable to load because Council has already changed their services to the new names, whilst Met Police has not.

Continue to contact Met Police using the old SNT Ward email addresses as seen above.

We have changed the area names on Ourwatch, so members can see their ward names as they are now when using the Ourwatch system.

We have written to Tower Hamlets Police about the issue and also contacted Ourwatch members to make them aware that their Police SNT area is still under the old name rather than the new one, which is now also used for Councillor information on the Tower Hamlets website.

Hoping that can be resolved soon. We are not in charge of programming OWL services, but we are in charge of Ourwatch services. OWL is run by Tower Hamlets Police.

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