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A lack of service

We have come across a number of issues, which show that neither police or MOPAC show the required duty of care to local residents. There are many complaints, expression of uncertainties, frustrations voiced on various social media platforms, which do not result in action by police or MOPAC. Just recently a user of NextDoor posted … Continue reading A lack of service

News from the Home Office

My enquiry to the Home Office about the Neighbourhood Watch efficiently working with all crime reduction partners in Tower Hamlets has now been answered. We have been given the heads up, the matter was referred to the Crime Strategy and Performance Unit. Whilst we heard at the same date that major drug busts in Britain … Continue reading News from the Home Office

Breaking up national unity

Why it is that UK Police of all organisations is trying to break up National Unity is beyond my understanding. We usually hear about Scottish and Irish and perhaps sometimes Welsh nationalists trying to break away but they never mention the Police Force. That is a very important in respect of Neighbourhood Watch and keeping … Continue reading Breaking up national unity

Area name chances affects OWL users

Whilst Tower Hamlets Council has changed the following area names former St. Petersformer Bethnal Greennow Bethnal Green Westnow Bethnal Green Eastcemailbox.stpeters@met.police.ukcemailbox.bethnalgreen@met.police.uk Metropolitan Police Services, including OWL do not yet reflect that change. Area information on OWL is unable to load because Council has already changed their services to the new names, whilst Met Police has … Continue reading Area name chances affects OWL users

Our first public meeting

Since our Charity registration was completed with the Charity Commission, we held our first public meeting with surprising results. It was refreshing to hear how openly, those attending, discussed their personal, professional and public issues to do with personal and community safety. Tower Hamlets Community Safety Officer John Fortune and 3 Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhoods … Continue reading Our first public meeting

Impact report 2021

Following the success of last year’s first-ever Neighbourhood Watch Impact Report, we are delighted to share this year’s Impact Report for 2020/21.This report builds on last year with data and case studies demonstrating the continued hard work, dedication, and impact of our 90,000 volunteers and 2.3 million household members.The report demonstrates how we are achieving … Continue reading Impact report 2021