Breaking up national unity

Why it is that UK Police of all organisations is trying to break up National Unity is beyond my understanding. We usually hear about Scottish and Irish and perhaps sometimes Welsh nationalists trying to break away but they never mention the Police Force.

That is a very important in respect of Neighbourhood Watch and keeping records of Neighbourhood Watch members and the mailing lists of such people.

Neighbourhood Watch has around 3.5 Million members nationwide, at least the ones who are registered on Neighbourhood Alert and or Ourwatch.

But, the UK Police has come up with a way to break up the National Neighbourhood Watch Network by inventing OWL.

Yet, we have no Neighbourhood Watch system with OWL. We get one way mailings from council and police but nothing by way of Neighbourhood Watch groups coordinators. Picture redacted

People are told that OWL is now the new Neighbourhood Watch system. Yet, there are no watch coordinators visible on OWL as Ourwatch schemes do not get transferred. Continue to register with Ourwatch for schemes.

In fact we have not had anybody in Tower Hamlets trained on OWL, despite OWL presenting themselves as the new Neighbourhood Watch system. We do however train people on using Ourwatch. Our volunteers are protected and insured by Ourwatch. See related article.

Whilst the National Neighbourhood Watch Network has an excellent system of volunteer care and training, OWL does not. We have not been provided with any information about that from OWL.

It would be perfectly easy and feasible for all police forces to simply subscribe to Neighbourhood Alert and run all their Neighbourhood Watch related mailing lists via that extremely secure system, but no, UK Police has split up the national Neighbourhood Watch system into chunks of areas, where they introduced OWL.

Yet, most national crime prevention providers are all subscribed first-hand to the National Neighbourhood Alert system and send our scam warnings with the touch of a button to Millions of users.

Whilst OWL does not receive those very same messages at the same very fast pace.

Picture slightly fuzzy as it is taken from a moving screen

I think enough is enough, UK Police has to stop splitting up Neighbourhood Watch and try to create an off-shoot of Neighbourhood Watch with OWL.

Not even the new OWL App has any new developments in respect of crime reporting, they simply re-direct people to the Met Police website. We do not need an App for that, we can do that ourselves.

I have asked OWL to provide us with their policy on volunteer training and their volunteer care policy but nothing has been provided.

Ii think that OWL is one way that parts of UK Police try to break up national unity. There are only 9 London boroughs and Hertfordshire fully working on OWL, the rest of the Country is not.

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