Hard calls save lives

Hard calls save lives

Sharing information on knife crime can save lives. We understand that calling with information on a crime is a hard thing to do, especially if you think what you know isn’t worth the call. But the details you give, however small, can help build a picture of criminal offences, and can make a difference in keeping your area safe and even help save lives.
We want to help you understand what sort of information could be useful in preventing knife crime and provide a place to give information safely and anonymously.

It doesn’t need to be the name of offenders. If there’s been a violent incident in your area, you may remember things about that day. Small details such as the time, if you noticed a vehicle that isn’t from the area, or if you’ve noticed anyone acting suspiciously; all these details will help build up a picture of what happened and contribute to a wider investigation.
For further details and how to report your information anonymously, please visit Hard Calls Save Lives website below or simply contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

We publish an incident diary, which could help jot down details of events. There is the short and the 14 day version. You can upload your incident diary to our anonymous reporting page without having to give any of your details.

If you just want to report anything without making yourself known, you may use our anonymous reporting page, which is forwarded very quickly normally.

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