Could you engage with community safety as trustee?

Community Safety is a big priority in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

We are here as dedicated Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association to play a very important integral part that connects the community with our partners’ desire to make the borough safer.

Our borough is very diverse and includes a range of residents from the very poor to the very rich.

Population density

Tower Hamlets covers an area of 20 square kilometres (8 square miles) and has a population density of 16,778 people per square kilometre (km 2), based on the latest population estimates taken in mid-2020. That figure has increased by 3,839 people per km 2 over the past decade. Compared to England’s figures.


Tower Hamlets is divided into 20 Wards, which are called SNT wards for police and local democratic purposes. See the Councillors and Tower Hamlets police details, as well as our charity legal framework here.

We are especially keen to involve people who know luxury and/or the social housing service providers and can help make Neighbourhood Watch a key ingredient in every housing development. Furthermore we must increase diversity representation.

Our charity

According to our constitution our objects are

The Objects of the CIO are
a. “The promotion of good citizenship and the efficiency of the police across the London Borough of Tower Hamlets by:
i. Enabling public participation in the prevention and detection of crime.
ii. Promoting public support for the work of the police service and other partners in the protection of people and property from, and the prevention of, crime.”

Our Charity is steered by trustees who oversea our functionality and effectiveness. We need you if you

wish to get involved and care as described in our charity engagement document shown on our Trustee page. This is a voluntary role.

Getting involved

Ideally you reside in Tower Hamlets and join Neighbourhood Watch as a resident, business or service provider, person of influence.

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