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Where is the money gone?

A recent FOI request to MOPAC revealed that the Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhoods Board (SNB) has spent

  • £4,152 from 2018-19 establishing a Neighbourhood Watch Association
  • £3,000 from 2019-20 development of Neighbourhood Watch
  • £1,730 from 2020-21 development of Neighbourhood Watch

The only problem about this is, that to our knowledge, no Neighbourhood Watch Association was established by the SNB in Tower Hamlets. We have not found any evidence of such Association, nor been given any documentation or proof of any such organisation.

In contrast, we, the Tower Hamlets Neighbourhood Watch Association did not get one penny of those sums mentioned above, a total of £8,882. See our latest annual statement.

We want to know, ‘Where has all the money gone’?

We made many request for clarification with MOPAC, with the SNB, with one of our MPs Rushanara Ali and now also with police, which resulted in a CAD 1584 – 18/12/21

If anybody has any information about how the funding for Neighbourhood Watch was spent, please let us know. You can contact us or use our anonymous form. Please use reference CAD1584-18/12/21

It probably is typical for Tower Hamlets, with such high rates of crime that such problems occur.

We really would appreciate any funding, money you can spare, please donate, which will be used for Neighbourhood Watch in Tower Hamlets.