A lack of service

We have come across a number of issues, which show that neither police or MOPAC show the required duty of care to local residents. There are many complaints, expression of uncertainties, frustrations voiced on various social media platforms, which do not result in action by police or MOPAC. Just recently a user of NextDoor posted … Continue reading A lack of service

Where is the money gone?

A recent FOI request to MOPAC revealed that the Tower Hamlets Safer Neighbourhoods Board (SNB) has spent £4,152 from 2018-19 establishing a Neighbourhood Watch Association£3,000 from 2019-20 development of Neighbourhood Watch£1,730 from 2020-21 development of Neighbourhood Watch The only problem about this is, that to our knowledge, no Neighbourhood Watch Association was established by the … Continue reading Where is the money gone?

Information for the PCC

Information for the PCC

Neighbourhood Watch Network 1.            Introduction 1.1          Neighbourhood Watch is the largest crime prevention volunteer organisation in England and Wales with over 2.3m members and 90,000 street coordinators, with a well-known and trusted brand which is recognised by 95% of the population. Volunteers are supported locally in most police force areas by a sustainable infrastructure of … Continue reading Information for the PCC