Using domestic recording devices

It would help our communities a lot if our registered members and others could provide evidence of incidences captured on domestic recording devices.

There are many areas in Tower Hamlets, which are not covered by Council CCTV and are abused by criminals.

Many domestic recording devices can help provide footage of incidences of

  • criminal damage
  • theft
  • drug dealing
  • other crime
  • ASB

this list is endless.

It can make the clear up rate of police investigations quicker if you supply any footage you have recorded may that me on

  • ring-door bells with camera
  • dash cam footage
  • other private security with camera installed in any property.

As long as you do not share footage with others but only with police or report to us anonymously, it is legal to share this footage, pictures.

We would like to compile a register of privately held recording devices in properties around Tower Hamlets to be able to help police solve crime in areas, which have no regular CCTV installed. We do understand that most commercial properties’ CCTV is already registered with police.

If you recognised crime on your device but do not want to supply to police directly you are welcome to upload to our anonymous reporting page, which also allows you to give your contact details if you wish, so that police can get in touch with you, otherwise it’s completely anonymous, we do not even check for your IP.

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