Pledge to stop County Lines

Pledge to stop County Lines

As widely published today in the British media, Boris Johnson, has pledged to stop to break up 2,000 “county lines” drugs gangs in a £300 million drive to rid the country’s streets of illegal narcotics.

Among the measures in the strategy is an expansion of drug testing on arrest, with police encouraged to direct individuals who test positive towards treatment or other relevant interventions. See ITV report.

We started our ‘Stop taking drugs, stop supporting the drug dealers’ campaign three months ago. Definitely drugs trade will exist as long as it is profitable for drug dealers to make money from it.

Unfortunately drug users support this terrible trade by supporting exploitation of children for County Lines, which is a very violent gang driven crime syndicate. 90% of prison inmates are convicted in drug related crimes.

It is more than welcome that plans are made to also simultaneously interrupt social drugs use, which seems harmless and fun but fundamentally supports the drug gangs.

The promised £300 Million investment, to help addicts recover reports Sky News. The prime minister said: “Drugs are a scourge on our society, fuelling violence on our streets which communities across the country are forced to endure.”

The Independent reports that Drug users could loose passports. The Guardian also says driving licenses could also be lost if drug use continues.

Apparently testing has found drug deposits in the House of Commons and police may use sniffer dogs to search the meeting places for our MPs.

The previously published 10 year strategy under Tony Blair, see here, was not as effective or radical as the new one published by the Boris Johnson government.

BBC article promises there will be nowhere to hide.

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